Denver drug detox

With a combination of holistic therapies and evidence-based treatment modalities, RedRock Recovery Center offers the best Denver drug detox program. We focus on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of addiction and help patients attain sustainable recovery.

What is drug detox?

Drug detox or medical detox is a treatment process where a licensed physician uses a series of drugs in specific dosages to remove the toxic remains from an individual's body caused by long-term substance abuse. Drug detox serves two preliminary purposes: firstly, it reduces the intensity of unpleasant and painful withdrawal symptoms in recovering addicts, and secondly, it mimics the effects of the drug to help you taper off from addiction in a safe, calm, and composed manner.

It also restores the chemical imbalances in your brain to its pre-addictive state and gets you started on recovery. At our treatment facility, we offer the best Denver drug detox program that helps patients regain control over their mind, body, and soul in a safe and pain-free manner.

How to detox at home?

Detox or medically-supervised drug detox is a type of treatment that you cannot attempt at home. Only a licensed physician can perform a detox procedure in a fully-equipped treatment facility. Based on a variety of factors such as the substance abused, the period of abuse, the co-occurring mental health issues, frequency of abuse, etc., your doctor will create a customized detox plan to help you overcome addiction and the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms safely.

Your efforts to detox at home can not only prove futile but can lead to adverse health implications. Especially if you are battling with addiction to alcohol, opioids, heroin, or cocaine, you must seek a rehab center that specializes in drug detox to garner the best treatment outcome.

Detox by drug type

Depending upon the substance abused, the withdrawal symptoms can either be more physical or psychological. For instance, withdrawal from cocaine is rather psychological, and the main goal in cocaine detox is to manage initial cravings and anxiety.

On the other hand, withdrawal from alcohol involves physical symptoms such as seizures or death. In such cases, we comfort the patients with certain medications during the detox procedure that mimic the effects of alcohol to reduce withdrawal symptoms. The medications that we administer during a detox procedure also targets the co-occurring disorders and helps reduce the intensity of symptoms of mental disorders. Some of the drugs that are extremely dangerous to detox from include alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids, and heroin.

Process of detox

The process of detox includes three important steps: evaluation, stabilization, and preparing entry into treatment. The evaluation consists of the physical and psychiatric assessment of patients to device a custom detox plan. In the stabilization phase, we use certain medications and psychological therapies to prevent complications in patients. In the final stage, our doctor will familiarize the patient with the treatment process and educate them on what to expect.

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