Spending time in a transitional house has the potential to make or break your recovery process. Some people may manage to transition smoothly from the in-house rehab center and back to their life. Going through a reinitiating to acquaint oneself with the preferred way of life will give you a better chance at starting over.

Transitional homes are also known as sober living homes. Coastline Behavioral Health offers gender baser recovery programs to its patients. The men have the luxury and executive rehab facilities while women enjoy the services at a transitional living home. The middle ground offers copious amounts of benefits to the enlisted recoverees.

Benefits of a sober living home for drug rehab in Orange County

  • The isolation frees one from the temptation of drugs in the free world. Coastline Behavioral Health has a strict guideline against infiltration of any form of intoxicant.
  • The stability in the home gives one room to coagulate their newly found direction of life. One will develop a belief system that shields against the fragile morale of their original home.
  • Transitional homes will often house more than one recovering patient. A team of people on the same journey is much better than an individual when one is seeking extra support. The social network will be of great help in the outside world when one of their links attempts to relapse.
  • The stress-free environment liberates one from the demand of paying bills, keeping a job, and maintaining a social life. You have enough time to think about how you will restart your life and meet the demands of mundane life and possible life of success.

How to choose the best transitional drug rehab in Orange County

Consider the location

Our home resides in Huntington Beach, California. A serene environment is vital in keeping the privacy and safety of the house. It would be futile to find a transitional recovery place in the middle of an unsafe neighborhood.

Do the research

Diligence is essential when you want to give yourself the best chance at a second life of drug-free life. The homework should check for the licenses, certificates, and accreditation. Talk to the potential home to establish the security of the transitional home. Coastline Behavioral Health applies the following rules in its women-based transitional home:

  • Steadfast adherence to treatment and house guidelines
  • Absolute intolerance for violence
  • Bans on overnight pets and guests
  • Mandatory drug tests
  • Responsibility for house chores

Visit the home

Reading online reviews is different from having a real feel of the environment. You will make small talk with the residents and have insider information on the credibility of the services available. Ascertain if you would want to live in the home for weeks or months before leaving behind the option to find better alternatives.

Financial commitments

You have to make sure that the insurance company will cover you for the entire period of the transition. Most facilities will take monthly fees to cover services like food, accommodation, transport, and therapy. Coastline Behavioral Health is an all-encompassing drug rehab in Orange County that will transform an addiction into a promising and ecstatic way of life.


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