Heroin addiction is widespread due to the continuing mental health and substance use epidemic surrounding our society today. The duration of heroin withdrawal varies from person to person. Still, acute withdrawal symptoms typically fade after about one week, while specific symptoms might last for a month or longer. However, symptoms are often at their peak 72 hours following the last injection of heroin.

In this article, we will explore the dangers of addiction and how to mitigate them by seeking professional help.

The Dangers of Heroin Withdrawal

During heroin detox Orange County withdrawal, the strong effects of heroin that you may have grown to adore have the opposite effect. Instead of feeling euphoric, having a lower heart rate, or having minimal anxiety, you may feel irritated, stressed out, muscle and bone aches, and nauseous.

One of the most severe issues during and after heroin withdrawal is the person’s drug use’s long-term mental damage. Studies believe that the long-term hazards to the brain are significant because opioids directly impair the brain’s capacity to process pain and pleasure. opt for co-occurring disorder treatment at a reputable facility for those who may also be suffering from a mental health disorder due to prolonged heroin use.

Another common danger of withdrawal is accidental overdoses. When you practice momentary abstinence and then decide to use heroin again, believing that your tolerance is the same as before, you are more prone to overdose because your tolerance to heroin has decreased.

Another danger is the risk of relapse is extremely high when you choose to detox outside the confines of a medical setting. This risk increases because your environment may contain triggers that could easily make you fall back into your old habits.

Withdrawal from heroin may be exceedingly severe and life-threatening, but professional detox treatment makes recovery safer and more manageable for patients with heroin addiction.

Why Is Medical Detox Necessary?

The first and most challenging phase in heroin addiction therapy is detoxification. People detoxing from heroin may endure muscle cramps, anxiety, or sleeplessness for up to 10 days. However, successfully detoxing from heroin under medical supervision is essential for rehabilitation and overcoming heroin addiction. Medical detox provides a controlled environment to help prevent other drug abuse. You will also be assisted in managing any pain or unease caused by withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea and muscular aches, by detox experts.

How Does Our Rehab Set You Up for Success?

When treated in a controlled atmosphere by detox specialists, heroin withdrawal is often not harmful. Skilled substance uses and co-occurring mental disorders specialists treat heroin addiction with medication-assisted treatment during detox, and these drugs can help with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Our dual diagnosis addiction treatment facilities simultaneously manage addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders, including depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. Like substance use disorders, mental illness can cause physical and psychological distress, and treating both diseases can minimize relapse risk and help you thrive throughout recovery.

Suppose you are thinking about a heroin detox program. In that case, the addiction treatment professionals at our co-occurring addiction treatment centers can help you understand your options and discover the best program for your requirements and goals.

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