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People have associated pain and suffering with dentistry since forever, and this misconception seems to have withstood the test of time almost unaffected. It is not only an erroneous point of view, but a dangerous one as well because it makes people confront dental problems on their own, rather than visiting a specialist to treat them. We, at Millennium Dental, are here to prove people wrong.

An SE Calgary dentist is among the few specialists qualified to identify and treat your dental problems before they can get any worse. And it is prevention that’s the key to maintaining your oral health in the long run. Although having a good, thorough oral hygiene is imperative; it will eventually fall short as years go by. There’s only so much brushing, and flossing will do for you.

Visiting the dentist every year (depending on the patient’s needs), is crucial for:

  • Identifying tooth decay in time – Tooth decay is the advanced stage of a cavity and the more time passes, the worse the condition gets. Cavities occur due to eating sugary foods often, increasing the level of oral acidity, which will destroy the tooth’s enamel and dentine. When tooth decay begins progressing, pain, gum inflammation, and dental infections will become common.
  • Preventing and treating gum disease – It all starts with the build-up of plaque (mineralized bacteria forming a sticky yellowish substance which binds to the teeth’s lower section, under the gum). Plaque is typical in people with poor oral hygiene and can evolve into periodontitis, at which point only an SE Calgary dentist can save you. Periodontitis will cause teeth falling out, extended gum infections, halitosis, and will increase the risk of heart disease as a plus. You can’t self-treat gum disease; for that, you will require professional assistance.
  • Good looks – Chipped and crooked teeth, misalignment or discoloration, all these problems can be prevented and corrected by going to the dentist at least a couple of times a year. There are numerous cosmetic procedures a dental professional will use to rectify your teeth problems, improve your looks considerably, enlighten your smile, and boost your confidence and self-esteem at the same time.
  • Get educated – Few people know what makes proper oral hygiene and what health habits they need to adopt to maintain it. A professional will instruct you to the letter, so he can make sure you’ll make no mistakes along the way.

Modern dentistry has long passed the stage where it was more of a guessing game, like any other branch of medicine in its early phases. It is now a scientific method, continually improving and evolving as time goes by. And if you fear pain, as most people do, now is not the case anymore – there is hardly any pain during most dental procedures and where there is, it is negligible.

An SE Calgary dentist is a professional and here, at Millennium Dental, we have the best professionals in the field of cosmetic and emergency dentistry, dental restorations and facial and oral surgery. Don’t wait for your dental problems to progress. Come to an appointment now!

SE Calgary Dentist

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