long term drug rehab facilities in Massachusetts

long term drug rehab facilities in Massachusetts

Riverbank House is one of the best long-term drug rehab facilities in Massachusetts for dual diagnosis disorders. We offer a unique residential community and engage patients in highly effective, science-based, spiritual recovery programs.

Our long-term residential recovery program for men

Our 90-day addiction treatment program for men focuses on correcting the chemical imbalances in the brain and equipping patients with critical coping skills. Listed among the reputed Massachusetts detox centers, our facility has an experienced and friendly staff team and offers the lowest relapse rates in the business.

Our integrated treatment approach and personalized recovery plans help men overcome the withdrawal phase safely and prepare them for lasting sobriety. Our 90-day treatment program allows recovering addicts develop a healthy routine, develop valuable friendships and bonds with fellow recovering addicts, and prepares them for a fulfilling and gratifying life after rehab treatment.

Who should consider inpatient addiction treatment?

Alcohol addiction symptoms can be both medical and non-medical. If you suffer from several of the following symptoms, it is pivotal that you join one of the top drug rehab centers in Massachusetts at the earliest:

  1. You experience symptoms of depression, permanent brain damage, psoriasis, anxiety disorders, or neurological impairment
  2. You have hand tremors or suffer from a compromised immune system
  3. You find yourself getting into legal issues
  4. Facing relationship problems with family members, friends, and loved ones
  5. Facing financial troubles
  6. Spending several hours a day on activities that involve drinking
  7. Consuming alcohol to function normally
  8. Facing issues at work

Besides, if you cannot reduce or control alcohol intake or find yourself making excuses to drink, you must consider long-term residential treatment before it's too late. We are a leading rehab for addiction treatment in Massachusetts with world-class amenities and evidence-based therapies, treating substance addiction holistically.

Tips to speaking to your employer about rehab treatment

While some people procrastinate the rehab treatment out of fear of hurting their career, the truth is that you would be doing yourself a significant disservice by avoiding professional help. Early treatment is key to combating the withdrawal effectively and preventing relapse over the years. Here are a few tips to help you speak to your employer about seeking rehab treatment:

  1. If you are anxious about enrolling at one of the drug and alcohol rehab centers, remember that there are several laws in place to protect your choice to seek addiction treatment. Your decision to seek professional help for your behavioral disorder will enhance your career opportunities and overall quality of life.
  2. Be transparent to your employer about your addiction situation. The more honest you are to your boss, the better they can help you in the process.
  3. Speak to your colleagues about your upcoming leave and make arrangements for someone to fill in for you at work while you are away for rehab treatment.

Verify your insurance with us at 603-293-3989. Riverbank House is one of the reputed long-term drug rehab facilities in Massachusetts with comfortable accommodations and a dedicated staff team. 

long term drug rehab facilities in Massachusetts
Riverbank House
long term drug rehab facilities in Massachusetts
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