Mental Health Inpatient Treatment Centers Utah
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Mental Health Inpatient Treatment Centers Utah

Mental Health Inpatient Treatment Centers Utah

Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness Centers is a highly-rated facility that treats not only substance abuse issues but mental health as well. We understand the importance that mental health plays in our daily lives and the impact that it can have on not only ourselves but our families as well.

Ensuring that you have the right mental health care is a crucial step to finding a solution towards making your daily life more manageable and livable.

We believe in working to improve your mental health through crucial steps.

We work in three crucial areas to help deal with mental health issues that may be plaguing your life:

  • Shame Resiliency. There are often shame associated with the term "mental health" that prevents those afflicted from dealing with it through proper channels and methods. We teach our patients shame resiliency skills so that they can live an honest, authentic life and not think of their battles through shameful lenses.
  • For many of us, there are wounds from the past that can fester and haunt us for a long time. Our group therapy sessions allow clients to discuss and act out extreme events from their lives to gain closure for their traumatic wounds.
  • Self-compassion and radical acceptance. It is commonly misconstrued that self-esteem is an essential step in recovery, but studies have shown that it causes a relapse. We teach self-compassion – things like self-kindness, mindfulness, and basic humanity – to allow patients to feel better towards themselves and understand that the things that have happened in their lives are normal and okay.

We teach life skills to help our clients adapt their mentality, realizing that what they are going through does not make them weak or inadequate; these are experiences many go through. We teach acceptance so that our clients can move forward and work towards self-betterment.

What are the reviews for Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness Centers?

Deer Hollow has received rave reviews from several sources. gave it an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5, with high marks for treatment effectiveness, accommodations & amenities, and meals & nutrition.

Those who have passed through Deer Hollow have spoken glowingly about the treatment they received while at Deer Hollow, with some even noting that they received follow-up calls from staff after their graduation from Deer Hollow.

Many expressed their gratitude towards the staff, sharing that the staff was not only accommodating and knowledgeable but that they showed genuine care and concern for each of the clients staying at Deer Hollow. The staff is genuinely interested in the health and progress of their clients made it more feasible for those staying to make it through the program.

Our reputation is everything to us.

Additionally, Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), having received zero negative reviews thanks to being client-centered.

The staff alone would make Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness Centers a stand out option for attempting a clean and sober life but combined with the facilities; they are a cut above the rest for quality treatment that delivers results.

Mental Health Inpatient Treatment Centers Utah
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Mental Health Inpatient Treatment Centers Utah
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