Rehab Houston

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Rehab Houston

If you or someone you know is battling substance abuse, rehab should be pursued before the addiction worsens. Even if a person has already hit rock bottom, it is not too late for rehabilitation. We believe even the most severe chemical dependencies can be overcome with family support and a reputable rehab center. For those in need of rehab in Houston, Great Oaks Recovery Center is ready to help.

What Is Great Oaks Recovery Center?

Great Oaks Recovery Center is one of the most respected rehab clinics in all of Texas. In fact, our clinic is one of the most acclaimed recovery centers in the entire United States, regularly welcoming patients from all over the country. We are located in Egypt, Texas, just 45 minutes south of Houston. The remote location of Great Oaks Recovery Center is crucial to the treatment of our clients. It allows addicted individuals to escape the overwhelming hustle and bustle of the city and focus on their recovery. Additionally, it removes clients from potentially triggering situations and individuals. 

At Great Oaks Recovery Center, we treat both drug and alcohol dependency. This is done via a multi-disciplinary approach, which includes one-on-one meetings to determine the severity of the client’s addiction. By meeting with individuals in this way, we can craft a unique treatment plan for every client. We also employ a dedicated aftercare team to ensure every client continues their journey toward sobriety even after leaving Great Oaks Recovery Center.

Programs Available

As mentioned above, at Great Oaks Recovery Center, we treat a variety of substance abuse issues, including the most common - drug and alcohol addiction. Treatment is available through several programs. 

Clients enrolled in our Detoxification program are provided with a controlled environment in which they can begin their withdrawal from the substance they are struggling with. We also offer a Residential program, which sees individuals remain in our care throughout their recovery. This allows our team of addiction professionals to provide 24/7 support to those who are most vulnerable. Clients who have completed treatment at Great Oaks Recovery Center can also opt into our Continuing Care program. This ensures the client continues to receive support after leaving our clinic, with a strict relapse prevention plan to ensure they reach their full potential.

For those affected by the substance abuse of a family member, we offer a Family program. This Family program consists of a two-step approach. First, we help families overcome any trauma they may have experienced as a result of their loved one’s addictions. However, we also help them understand the challenges faced by an addicted person, especially one attempting to get sober. This ensures the client leaves our recovery center and returns to a family that is understanding and supportive.

Contact Us

At Great Oaks Recovery Center, we are always willing to help an addicted individual overcome their chemical dependency and get their life back on track. No addiction is too great for our team of professionals. Unlike some other clinics operating in Texas, we accept most American insurance carriers, making us the leading provider of affordable rehab in Houston. Contact us today to begin designing a comprehensive rehabilitation plan.


Rehab Houston
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