Virtual Athletic Mentorship

Virtual athletic mentorship entails coaching on strength building, mindset conditioning, sports specific training, nutrition, injury prevention and recovery.

At Vaughn Sports Academy, we are stationed to make a great impact on the lives of every player we get to coach.

One peculiar thing about us is our belief in hard work and due process. Lethargy and laziness have zero tolerance with us. That’s why we do not breed medicores.

We are dedicated to attaining exclusive results and remaining a force at the highest level. And owing to our experience, we know what works.

Every athlete wants to be the best they can be in every ramification. But being a healthy athlete goes beyond eating right or training hard. It is more of a healthy mind and lifestyle.

Five Vital Factors To Achieving PRO Performances

Upcoming athletes and veteran athletes would find our virtual athletic mentoring system very beneficial.  It not only enhances their physiological and psychological potential, it helps get them into phenomenal forms. 

Upon deliberation, research and tests, our performance gauging team highlighted five pivotal factors to achieving veteran performance. The are as follows:

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Nutrition
  • Skills
  • Rest & Rehabilitation
  • Mindset

If a sportsman is sufficiently built in these variables, they are loaded with all it requires to become a global success. 

At Vaughn Sports Academy,  our virtual athletic mentoring programs are designed using our verified, game-tested training and nutrition programs. These programs are ones we’ve built over years of experience working one-on-one with super-star athletes.

There are a number of mentoring programs by in inexperienced wannabe coaches. Most of them have hardly worked hands on with athletes, 

How Does Virtual Athletic Mentoring Work?

In our virtual athletic mentoring system, our programs are designed to fit your specific goals. For example, your goal could be muscle building, fat loss, athletic performance boost, or injury recovery. Regardless of which, we have you covered at Vaughn Sports Academy.

With the resources you will be provided with you will be able to track your progress. You will also be able to watch comprehensive  exercise videos to learn proper exercise techniques and as well monitor your rests.  

Consequently, you can engage an instant messaging service to communicate directly with your coach.

Increased Lean Muscle

The Virtual Athletic Mentoring program is verified to help you on your journey to amassing lean functional muscles. And the methods used in combination with nutritional edge, is world class.

 Rapid & Sustained Fat Loss

With the Virtual  Athletic Mentoring program, you will lose unwanted body fat without burdensome cardio or near starvation.  

Dramatic Strength Increases

Our strength and conditioning system makes it impossible for you not to experience a drastic boost in real strength.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Enrolling for our virtual athletic mentoring programs will help you build sport-specific strength, speed, power and stamina. These will ensure that you thrive at the biggest competition levels.   

Higher Work Capacity

Your work rate increases significantly. You become fitter and less susceptible to injury.  Decide today to take your athleticism to the ultimate level. And book for our virtual athletic mentoring program.

Book A Lesson With One Of Our Veteran Baseball Coaches

It is not mere talk when it is said that we have the best baseball coaches for hire at Vaughn Sports Academy. For your personal baseball coaches, baseball training course, online baseball coaches, and the likes, shop our products today

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