Weekly Sex Addiction Meeting Chicago

What does sex mean for a couple? Sex is an energetic connection that intensifies the connection between one another. The magnetic pull helps you stay aligned to one another, maintain the same energetic vibration of love, and serve as a platform to build love and romance.

Despite the rising divorce numbers, marriage is the pinnacle of commitment for couples in today’s society. People are not backing away from marriage, but there is a deep need for therapy sessions that can help support couples reduce the stresses that come with it. Couples want to find healthier ways to express their deepest sexual needs and move forward with practical solutions.

How effective are weekly marriage counseling meetings?

Online counseling is effective, and most recently, the most preferred sex addiction treatment method. The ability to get therapy from the comfort of your home is much better than having to drive to the office because you get to introduce a therapist to the natural living space you share with a spouse.

Couples report better results with online therapies and major positive shift to revive their former sexual attraction. Couples report that they enjoy the connection the therapist introduces to their home because visiting the office could quickly start feeling like a chore or a show they need to get out of after a while.

Benefits of weekly sex addiction meetings

Gain a deep understanding of your spouse

The main benefit of attending counseling is to get a different understanding of yourself and your spouse, outside of what you thought. We have seen many relationships during sex addiction treatment and know that there is no single way to have a marriage or relationship. The important thing is to get a fundamental understanding of each one’s strengths, so we can develop a pattern of individual habits and how they show up in the relationship. We are looking to give you a perspective that is unique to your connection and will help you heal and grow a stronger bond despite everyday strife. 

Get impartial advice

Do you regret getting advice about your partner from family and friends? We all love our circle of friends and family but also have a limited view that they only know us and do not know our spouse quite as much. Asking them for advice about a serious issue could mean we have to disclose too much or that they will offer little advice that favors our side.

Our weekly sex addiction meeting gives you constructive feedback, so you have a good soundboard for complicated matters. The most important thing to remember is that we do not know either one of you and have professional training to allow both to have a voice and get sound advice.

Resolve long-term trauma

Relationships go through a lot of trauma that we can throw under the rug until everything blows up, and we have to deal with the old roadblocks. How do you explore your childhood sexual traumas without annihilating the entire marriage? How do you tell your spouse that their absentia during the first years of marriage created a bridge in your sexual life?

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Weekly Sex Addiction Meeting Chicago