Hello Friend!

My name is Tammy and I am a Board-Certified Life Coach helping individuals and families discover how to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Some common life situations I help people move forward through include:

         Caregiver/Occupational Burnout
         Work/Life Balance
         Stress Management
         Families Of Substance Abuse
         Health and Wellness
         Life Transitions
         Goal Achievement

Asking someone else for help can be the most difficult step to make. The reality is… we all struggle with something and reaching out for help is courageous and healthy. Allowing a coach to walk alongside of you will help you explore new ideas and strategies to overcome the obstacles, which keep you from living the life you desire.

As your life coach, I have struggled and faced many of my own life mountains that looked hopeless. These personal life challenges along with my professional training and experience have taught me much about thriving in life; regardless of the circumstance.

I am a graduate of Liberty University and hold a board certification as a Master Christian Life Coach through the AACC and International Board of Christian Care. I have specialized research and extensive studies in Addiction and Recovery, Relationships, Holistic Health and Wellness, and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health.

I believe no situation is hopeless, and the answers are hidden somewhere deep inside of you. What’s holding you back from living a life that is thriving? I would be honored and look forward to helping you discover a life which offers you growth, greater balance, meaning and hope. Your life matters!

Peace and Gratitude,