May 12 at 9:30am, All About Women with Mary Jones - Live Interview with Tammy Barnett

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So excited to be one of Mary’s guests. Join us as we discuss Limiting Beliefs  and  the lies we tell ourselves that keep us from living the true life we desire!

Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs Virtual Workshop
3 pm to 4 pm

May 13, 2020

You Become Who You Think You Are
Your thoughts become  your beliefs
Your beliefs become the words you tell yourself
Your words become your actions
Your actions become the life you create for yourself!

What thoughts and beliefs are holding you back from living the life you desire?

During this 1 hour virtual (Zoom) workshop you will  discover your own limiting beliefs and learn new ways to break through them.

Invest in yourself and begin living your best life!

What past participants are saying!

“Just experienced a wonderful workshop with Tammy Barnett!
“This is YOU” Lots of reflection, clarity and fun!! ” -CL

“Loved it! Went too fast. Lots of clarity, action steps as well. Great group. Would do it again in a heartbeat” – Cathy

“It was absolutely wonderful.  Very revealing about ourselves.  So much direction and spirituality.  Thank you, Tammy.” -Kathi

Live Your Best Life
One Day Workshop
9 am - 12 pm

March 7, 2020

Imagine  for a moment……..your future
What do you want yourself and life to look like?
Imagine your goals and dreams becoming a reality
Discover the limiting beliefs keeping you from living the life you desire

This 3 hour workshop is for you !

Whether this is your first time attending or you have been a participant in the past……Get ready to be encouraged, inspired, and equipped to live your best life yet?

This Is You - 2020!

January 25, 2020 – 9am – 12pm

It’s time to welcome in a new decade and it’s time to celebrate you in 2020!
Who do you see yourself as in 2020? What about the next 10 years?
What do you want your life to look like?
What goals and dreams do you want to make a reality?
If other people’s opinions didn’t matter, who would you be, what would you do, and what would you have?

Get ready to be encouraged, inspired, and motivated to live your best life yet? This 3 hour workshop will guide you to unlocking these answers and more! This is YOU 2020……and beyond!