Tammy Barnett

Living a Joy-Filled Life Regardless

Do you believe it’s possible to live a joy-filled life regardless?

Recently, a friend going through a challenging time in her life asked me if I thought it possible to live a happy life while going through a lot of complicated stuff.  Immediately I responded with a resounding YES!  Why?  Because I am going through a difficult season and am finding my way to move forward regardless of what’s happening around me.

What about you?  As you look at the road ahead, are you facing a lot of uncertainties?  Did 2022 end not necessarily the way you would have liked it to?  What does 2023 look like?  If your answers to these questions leave you encouraged,

How Do You Handle Disappointment?

It had been two years since my last vacation and as June 5th got closer, I looked forward to getting away with my family (including my two dogs) for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

The requirements for this type of vacation were few.  A simple clean home with a pool, shopping close by, and a variety of restaurants to choose from for dinners.  The pictures online and description of the house in Marco Island checked all the boxes and more.

It was going to be a glorious, relaxing, without a pressing agenda week!  As the day for us to depart got closer, it was easy to imagine how relaxing my week away would be and how re-energized I would feel when I returned home. 

How Are You Like A Mango Tree?

It was a gift to me from my son about a year ago.  It came in a pot and had the appearance of a healthy little Mango tree, hoping someday to become a  tall, robust tree producing lots of beautiful sweet and juicy fruit.

Over the last year

I have watered, fed, and moved the little tree as the seasons have changed to ensure it was getting enough sunlight.  It grew and grew and continued to look healthy until a few months ago when it started looking a little limp and droopy.  For days I watched it and asked myself, “What does it need”?  Perhaps it is sick or needs more water or sunlight, but the most logical reason was that the pot seemed too small.  

Do You Treat Your Loved Ones Different?

My Monday was filled with many distractions, a long to-do list, lots of traffic on every road I traveled, and I felt tired all day.  When it came time to tackle dinner, my mind was already made up.  I just didn’t want to do one more thing!  I have learned that anytime my mind is on a negative path, things will not end well.  And that’s precisely how the next hour went, not well.

As with most evenings, my husband sits across the kitchen bar and chats with me while I prepare dinner (something I always enjoy).  But because my attitude was fixed on how lousy my day was, I was the last person anyone needed to be around. 

A Life With More Meaning

Are you living your best life possible?

You and I are quickly approaching the end of the first quarter in 2022. How are you doing? Are you finding joy, peace, and hope in day-to-day living? Would you say you are satisfied and living the life you desire? If this is you, congratulations, and let’s celebrate you!

But Maybe

You’re feeling a little stuck right now, not really sure what next steps will help you move forward? Or maybe you know what next steps to take, but you lack the energy and motivation? If you can relate, please know you are not alone, and feeling shameful or less than does not need to take up space in your life.