Understanding Life Coaching

Life Coaching is about your personal growth and moving you forward in Life

Life Coaching focuses on your present and future and your life circumstance possibilities

Life Coaching involves brainstorming, values clarification, goal setting, identifying plans of action, lifestyle and quality of life improvement

Life Coaching will help you make positive changes to last a life time

Life Coaching helps create Self-Awareness. Self-Awareness is the cornerstone of mental health. Self-Awareness allows you to better understand yourself in the present and helps you better define your desires and goals for the future

Life Coaching is a confidential and safe relationship. I promise to keep all information you share strictly confidential except in situations where such confidentiality would violate the law or may compromise your safety or others

Life coaching may take several months or a few weeks. This depends on the plan of change desired. You may discontinue coaching sessions at anytime

Christian Life Coaching encourages and respects the idea that you are guided by your own values and beliefs. As a Christian Coach I seek to live in accordance with God’s plan for my life and my Christian beliefs as I understand them. I am honest in making this revelation but respect the different values and beliefs of others. I will not seek to impose my values on you, or try to convert or condemn you