Dear Family Member and Loved One,

You may be reading this because someone you know, and love is struggling with self-destructive behaviors. Right now, your world may be filled with frustration, confusion, and sadness.  You may be feeling a deep sense of hopelessness for a brighter future.

Addiction is a family situation that has the power to rip and tear relationships apart and at the very least leave loved ones estranged from one another, feeling helpless with nowhere to turn. Why do I know this? Because I have lived it!

Many treatment options including a variety of 12 step programs exist for those with the problem of addiction, but for families less support is available. The truth is, just as your loved one needs a program for recovery, you too have a need for recovery. A real need to recover from the effects of the addiction and the impact it has made within your life.

As your Life Coach, I will help you understand the effects of addiction on your life and your relationship. I will walk along side of you helping you move forward and manage your life regardless of the current behaviors of your loved one.

There is hope and this life you are living now will get better as you apply the principles that you and I will work together on.

I look forward to helping you begin living a life with more hope and balance.

Peace and Gratitude,