Make Today Count

Continuing to find hope

Over the last year, I have slowly added 10 pounds to my waistline and for the last six months I have been telling myself that mirrors and tight clothing do not lie… and action needs to be taken.  Week after week I would promise myself to start something next week….sadly, next week would come and I would still put it off.

“TODAY IS A GOOD DAY FOR A GOOD DAY” reads a picture hanging in my home office. This reminder has been a thorn in my side on the days when it seems easier to give up and give in, but these words have more often been words that remind and inspire me to MAKE TODAY A GOOD DAY. This happens when I ask myself, “What choices do I need to make today for this to be good day”?

6 days ago, I decided to do something about my extra 10 pounds. Today was the day…. not tomorrow…..not when the pandemic was over…but today. So, 6 days ago, I made a three week commitment, to go back to a successful practice I have used before called intermittent fasting. I keep it very simple. For the first few days I fast for 12 hours (water, coffee, and tea allowed) followed by a window of 12 hours that I eat. After a few days I increase the fasting hours to 16 and allow an 8-hour window for eating. I already eat pretty healthy, so I continue eating what I want and commit to following the 16/8 hour fasting and eating schedule. Today I have lost 3 pounds! I tell you this story in hopes that it will inspire you to begin to make positive changes in your own life today.

Today……. not tomorrow is a good day for a good day.

Today is a good day to be aware of what you are feeling and acknowledge your needs as you fight through the effects of this pandemic. Today is also a good day to embrace all that you still have instead of what you do not. Today is also a good day to re-evaluate your life and ask yourself questions like….

What have I learned from this period of isolation and social distancing?

What have I learned about my self and those that I live with?

What changes do I need to make today to create more joy today and be ready to soar, thrive and flourish when this pandemic is over?

Whether it is weight loss, an attitude adjustment, more exercise, a new job, more social interactions, taking an online course, more laughter, more sleep, or more “me time” you can begin today moving forward.  Hope awaits you!

If you need some additional help, I would love to have a conversation with you😊

Remember still….. Your life always matters!

Peace and Gratitude,


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