How Are You Like A Mango Tree?

It was a gift to me from my son about a year ago.  It came in a pot and had the appearance of a healthy little Mango tree, hoping someday to become a  tall, robust tree producing lots of beautiful sweet and juicy fruit.

Over the last year

I have watered, fed, and moved the little tree as the seasons have changed to ensure it was getting enough sunlight.  It grew and grew and continued to look healthy until a few months ago when it started looking a little limp and droopy.  For days I watched it and asked myself, “What does it need”?  Perhaps it is sick or needs more water or sunlight, but the most logical reason was that the pot seemed too small.  I imagined the benefits of planting the tree in the ground.  Its roots could dig deep, stretch out into the soil, and find the new nutrients that it needs for its next growth stage?

After thinking about the best place to plant the tree, I dug a hole yesterday.  As I planted it, I thought about the last year and all the care it had been given.  I had control over some care, like watering and feeding and moving it into the sunlight, but I had no control over whether the sun would shine, the rain would fall, or whether it would get a disease and cease to thrive.

My focus then shifted

I thought of how I have been cared for over this last year.  I thought about all the people who have taken the time to listen to me when I have had challenges.  I thought of the cards I have received in the mail, the gifts I have been given, and the countless encouraging words I have been given at just the right time.  I also thought of the times when I have taken time to nurture myself through rest and self-encouragement.

I then thought about the different ways I have cared for others.  Some of the things that came to mind were listening and encouraging others, having food delivered to an ill friend, and taking time out from my day routine to answer unexpected calls from friends who needed to talk.  I also thought about how I have taken care of my family by preparing meals and creating a clean and loving home.  And then there are the two Golden Retrievers and two cats who rely on my care for all aspects of their lives.

As I packed the soil around the little tree

I thought about clients, friends, and you and wondered when have you felt nurtured?   Looking back over the last year, how have you received care?  In what ways have you encouraged yourself?  Who are the friends that are there for you?  Do you trust and have a relationship with a higher power to offer you peace and direction to move through the challenges in your life?  How have you been there to help others?

Just like the Mango tree, you and I need care.  We need care and ongoing nurturing, which may look different from day to day.

It’s not always easy

Maybe you are dealing with a loved one’s destructive behavior.  It’s easy to become focused on this situation, and before you know it, you are putting all your energy into your loved one and trying to control the outcome when you have little control in reality.

Maybe you have a parent whose health is failing and needs continuous care.  You want to be there 24/7, but you are exhausted and starting to feel the effects of not taking care of yourself.  The truth is, you are limited.

Maybe you are working full time, raising children, maintaining the household chores, and extra responsibilities.  Who has time to think about taking care of yourself?

Maybe after the last two years you have lost your motivation or find yourself stuck with how to create joy in your life.

What is your story today?

Just like the Mango tree, you and I need care.  We need care and ongoing nurturing if we want to be healthy and produce healthy fruits in our life.

Every day, I get the opportunity to work with people who want to create more peace, joy, and life satisfaction.  If you could use this, I would love to have a conversation with you.

You, Your life, and Your relationships matter!

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