Permission To…..

“Give yourself permission to be happy. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around you, what matters is what’s going on inside of you.”

Hal Elrod

The other day the rain started early in the morning and continued hour after hour. Most of the day Sophie, one of my Golden Retrievers, laid patiently looking out the window waiting for the rain to let up so she could dash out quickly and take care of her essential needs 😉. What a long rainy day it was.

Finally, after dinner the sky began to clear, and the rain appeared to have stopped. Sophie had waited all day for this moment. She ran to the hook where her harness and leash hung and gave her harness a nudge with her nose until it jingled. This act was a signal to tell me that it was time to take a walk. She pranced and danced and was not taking no for an answer. I caved to her wishes as usual, slipped the harness on her and out the door we went.

But wait………we both came to a sudden halt!  It was still raining! 

I looked at Sophie and she smiled back at me and together we decided we were taking this walk in the rain. Yes, we were going to get wet and there would be lots of puddles that we would walk through, and when we got back home, neither one of us would be a pretty site! But we gave ourselves permission to do it anyway.  That walk was the best walk ever.  We laughed and held our heads high and enjoyed the freedom we felt as we walked in the rain!

I ask you today, what is it that’s holding you back from living your best life?  Where in your life, do you need to give yourself permission?

All week I have thought about my walk in the rain and the freedom it gave me when I gave myself permission to do something fun, and a little out of the ordinary! I was recharged and started thinking of other areas in my life that needed permission. Here’s what I came up with. Maybe you will connect with a few!

This week I want to give myself permission to

Have a difficult conversation with someone

Say no to what doesn’t move me towards my goals

Say yes to what brings joy and positive energy

Let go of what and who drains me

Ask for help

Trust in God’s plans for my life

Be brave and take the next step even when I am scared

Take time to rest and play and laugh a lot!

Forgive someone who has not apologized

Love more and fear less

Open my moon roof when it’s 90 degrees outside and sing aloud😊

And Yes, continue to walk the rain

I ask you again, what’s holding you back and needing permission from you?  I challenge you to make your own list and post it somewhere to be seen every day…. reminding you to live your best life now.

Need some help figuring it out?  I would love to have a conversation with you!

Your life matters!


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