What’s Holding You Back?

My 18-month-old Grandson came for a visit this last weekend.  Alexander is filled with endless energy, giggles unceasing and such a joy to be around.  I believe Alex is one of the happiest little boys I have recently experienced.  He is also filled with a huge dose of curiosity, and determination.

His last few months have been packed with much learning and growing.  He has learned to walk, go up and down stairs, wave goodbye, blow kisses, give hugs, recognize colors, eat with a fork, clap at the end of a song and when accomplishments are made by himself or others. The list goes on and on and will continue to grow as the days pass!

As I consider the accomplishments Alex has conquered, my attention shifts to the question of what goes into making all these life growth milestones come true? At the top of my list shouts…. a lot of hard work and persistence. But what about fear, self-doubt, worry over someone might laugh if he tries and fails, comparison that maybe someone else can do it better?  Alex is still at an age where he is filled with true uninjured innocence. He has nothing to lose, only everything to gain.

Watching Alex this weekend made me question how many times you and I have made the decision in our own lives not to do or try something because we were afraid, we would fail? Afraid someone would laugh, judge us, or do it better?  Or maybe we have decided not to respond to our dreams and passions because we believe we don’t have enough formal education, enough money, enough experience, we are not pretty or thin enough or too young or too old.

Friends, if you are living this regret, or you are being held back from unleashing your dreams and passions…….Don’t believe the lies!  You and I live in a world that has fed us lies that has injured our innocence.

Disconnect from the self-doubt, the fear, the not enough thinking and consider trying again and then again.  Consider today is a new day and you have nothing to lose, only everything to gain. You matter and were created to be like no one else…….. and our world needs the unique and wonderful YOU!


Coaching Tip

What would your life look like today if today you stopped listening to the lies?

What if other people’s opinions, judgement, and your past failures were not an obstacle? What would your life look like?

What if today you started taking small steps towards something that makes you feel alive and free to be you?

What if you listened to your dreams and passions?

What do you really have to lose………except regret?


I would love to hear your comments, your struggles, and your wins.

Your life matters!