What’s Keeping You Awake?


For many people this can be the norm, but it doesn’t need to be!

A friend recently shared she was experiencing several issues in her life which were causing sleepless nights and much worry.  She was also having difficulty focusing on daily tasks that left her with a large unchecked to do list at the end of the day.  My friend described herself as being exhausted and overwhelmed with no peace.

How is it for you? Worry? Concern over multiple issues?  Overwhelmed?

Coaching tip

Grab a journal or a piece of paper. Create two columns vertically.  In the first column, make a list of all the things that are causing you worry or stress.  Hold nothing back…. even the little things.

Next, look at your list and identify the items you have little or no control over. Make a note beside these items such as “I can’t control.”

Now, go back through your list and identify the situations you do have control over. Write about some possibilities and changes you can make to improve the situation. Make sure to include one action step you can take today!

For the situations you have little or no control over

  • Ask yourself, “What can I do to make the best of the situation”?
  • Pray about your worries
  • Maybe it’s time for an attitude change? Meditate on all the good things that can come from the situation.
  • Focus on the best outcome instead of the worst outcome! Every time worry creeps in, remind yourself of the best possible outcome. You will be surprised at the results.
  • In the end, backing away temporarily from the situation or detaching completely might be the answer.

Another resource is a recent blog I wrote about the 5 benefits of Journaling.

I would love to know how this worry exercise helped you.  Many clients along with myself have used it over and over……. and it does work!

Your Life Matters and You Can do This!