You Might Be Surprised

The Amazing Benefits of Regular Walking

That’s right, just regular walking!

The 90-degree temperatures have finally broken here  on the west coast of Florida.  For the last two mornings, my Golden Retriever, Sophie and I have thoroughly enjoyed our favorite exercise of taking daily walks. In fact, our normal walk routine has increased in time and distance because it has been so pleasant outside.

I have always enjoyed walking and know that it is good for my health,  but  I’ve never stopped to understand how beneficial it really is for me, for you, or my Golden Retriever. And……. I was really surprised at the research results!

Sean Foy, an exercise physiologist and behavioral coach recently investigated what the researchers from the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Heart Association, Harvard University, and the Mayo Clinic say about the benefits of regular walking.

Here’s the list:

  1. Immune System Booster
  2. Lowers Your Risk of Diabetes
  3. Increases Coordination and Balance
  4. Stronger Bones
  5. Added Energy
  6. Lowers Blood Pressure
  7. Raises HDL (Good Cholesterol)
  8. Decreases Chance of Developing Heart Disease
  9. Increases Core Strength (Helps with Back Pain)
  10. Promotes Joint Health While Reducing Stiffness
  11. Cancer Risk Reduced
  12. Balances Metabolism/Burns Fat
  13. Youthful Skin
  14. Aids in Better Eye Health
  15. Increases Lung Capacity and Function

One more, but you decide!  The next time you take a walk, even a five-minute walk, notice the affects on your mood and attitude.  Walking with friends will benefit your emotional health too!

So, which of these benefits would you like for your life?


Coaching Tip

If you are already a walker…..embrace the benefits and celebrate you!

Commit yourself to taking just one walk a day this week.   Decide when you are available each day.  Now, put it on your calendar to make sure you will do it.

Start small if you need to.  Every step you take today is an improvement over yesterday.  You will be surprised at how easy you are able to increase your time and distance.

Invite friends to come along. Walking and talking can be very therapeutic.

Have Fun!

Let me know what ideas you have.  I would love to celebrate with you and share your ideas with others.


Your Life Matters!

Peace and Gratitude,



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