A Life With More Meaning

Are you living your best life possible?

You and I are quickly approaching the end of the first quarter in 2022. How are you doing? Are you finding joy, peace, and hope in day-to-day living? Would you say you are satisfied and living the life you desire? If this is you, congratulations, and let’s celebrate you!

But Maybe

You’re feeling a little stuck right now, not really sure what next steps will help you move forward? Or maybe you know what next steps to take, but you lack the energy and motivation? If you can relate, please know you are not alone, and feeling shameful or less than does not need to take up space in your life.

Sometimes you and I experience seasons of life with best intentions and good heart motivations, but without warning, we wake up and realize that the life we are living is not what we desire.

How did we get here?

Here’s what I am observing. The start of 2022 has not been easy for many friends and clients I talk with or for me.

The weight of the world’s conflicts

The effects of the last two years experiencing fear, disappointment, uncertainty, confusion, and division, to name a few.

Couple that with everyday life challenges such as a controlling spouse who expects you to live the life they want. An aging parent needs more help than you can give, and your own needs are suffering. A loved one’s substance use is at a level that is negatively impacting your own life. Or maybe your day-to-day responsibilities are weighing you down.

What life situations are challenging you right now?

It is easy to forget that we are all limited during these difficult seasons. We are limited to how much time, physical energy, compassion, and money we can give to others without filling our needs and desires. When we attempt to function from an empty place, we are also limited emotionally, such as having a positive outlook, resilience, patience, and tolerance. We were not created to bear the world’s weight and everyone in it.

Stay with me!

If we stopped right here, this could be a discouraging read with the potential to bring you down. But there is more. It’s about encouraging you and me. Just because we are limited and life and the world around us seem complicated right now, that doesn’t mean we can’t live our best life possible.

How do we begin living the life we desire?

How do we refuel ourselves?

How do we live the life we were created to live and not someone else’s life?

Reflect, Refocus, and Revive

Reflect (contemplate) on what brings meaning or reason. In other words, why do you do what you do? Why do you get out of bed every morning? Do your daily commitments bring you peace, joy, and an important reason to continue? What do you have control over and not?

Refocus (prepare)on your life goals and dreams.  Become aware of what brings peace and joy and feeds your soul. What changes do you need to make?

Revive (take action) your life by celebrating the decisions and changes you want to make? Make space for what matters to you by say no or cutting back on what drains more energy than you have available.  What small step can you take in the next 24 hours to start making some positive changes?  Plan something daily to look forward to!

Want to go farther? Continue creating a more meaningful life!

Everyday I get the opportunity to work with clients who want to get unstuck and start living a more peaceful, joyful life.  I would love to have a conversation with you!  Let’s Have a Conversation

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