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Keep Moving Forward

I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead !           Philippians 3:13

I grew up in the Midwest but for the last 21 years my home has been on the gulf coast of Florida.  As I recall my life growing up, the Labor Day holiday was marked by public swimming pools closing, going back to school, putting away any clothing that was white and saying goodbye to summer!

My experience in Florida has been a little different. Swimming pools remain open all year long, school resumes in August before Labor Day, wearing white is totally acceptable anytime of the year, and our weather allows us to remain in summer always!

Who’s Right?

Finding Balance and Peace in Daily Living
“We must make the choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities of our real selves.” – Thomas Merton

Should I wear a mask? Should I take the summer trip out of state? Should I send my children to school in the fall? Should I take my child to daycare? What about going out to dinner….is it safe? My spouse and I disagree about so many issues right now… I am frustrated most days. My friends are at odds on what to believe, and I’m not sure either. The news media releases new information daily as science and the medical industry wavers back and forth.

Ready To Jump In?

Moving Forward

My two-year-old grandson came for a visit last weekend.  While he and I were playing outside in his wading pool, he decided to throw some of his toys into the big pool right beside his little pool. The reaction on his face when the toys landed in the big pool said, “Oh no! …. Now what”?  He knows the water in the big pool is deep and because he has not learned how to swim yet, there is potential danger if he jumps in by himself. So, he held tightly to me as he and I entered the big pool together to retrieve his toys.

This experience started me thinking about you and me during the season of life we are currently living,

What Are You Becoming?

We Become What We Think

In his book, The Magic of Thinking Big,  author David Schwartz  writes, the evidence it out. You are what you think you are, what your thought power directs you to become.

If you think you are weak, that you lack, that you are less than, that you will lose…….than you are domed to living a mediocre life.
If you think you are strong, what you do is important, you have what it takes, you are enough, your life matters…… than you are headed to a life that thrives.

Which best describes your recent thought pattern of yourself?

Whether you are 16,

How Much Is Enough?

Giving to others, creating life balance, and setting healthy boundaries
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Yesterday, I had a conversation with a kind and beautiful friend. It had been several months since we spoke and when I asked how things were going, my friend replied with a big sigh and said, “I am exhausted!” In addition to working full time and taking care of her home, she is raising two young children and a teen. This is enough to exhaust anyone.  Then, 6 months ago, her mom moved in and the thought of having some extra help from her mom immediately landed on my friend’s wish list. Unfortunately, the opposite has come true. My friend is now taking caring of her mom who has several health issues that demand more time than is available.