Laughter……The Best Medicine

My “holiday to do” list going into last weekend was very long. In addition to this list, my almost 2-year-old grandson was coming for an overnight visit. Anyone who has been around a 2-year-old knows the constant attention needed, especially when a decorated Christmas tree is in the middle of the room!

Along with abounding energy, also comes an enormous amount of laughter! Alex literally laughs at almost everything! His constant giggles are contagious. During his visit,  all the stress and pressure of the things on my “to do list” suddenly became not so important as I was more relaxed and enjoying life in the very moment. Thank you, Alex, for sharing your wonderful gift of laughter!

As I considered how this laughter made me feel, I was interested in understanding more about it. So, the research nerd in me started digging in…. to uncover what researchers say. Here’s what I found.

Laughter has Lasting Effects. 45 minutes after a good laugh, your muscles remain relaxed while levels of stress and tension remain low.

Great Workout. Just a 10 to 15-minute session of laughter burns 40 calories while releasing the feel good hormone known as endorphins.

Immune System Booster. Laughing reduces stress hormones, and increases infection fighting cells.

Improves Relationships. Sharing laughter with others reduces conflict and increases bonding. A positive person who laughs often, is more attractive. Think about it, wouldn’t you want to spend more time with someone who makes you laugh?

Detoxes Negativity. Laughing greatly reduces anger and helps you let go of negative thoughts and bitterness!

Heart Health. Recent studies have shown positive correlation between laughing often and a heart healthy.


Need More Laughter in Your Life? Here are some ways and maybe this list will help you think of more!

Smile. Just smile. Try it right now. Notice your mood right now. It’s an instant lift! Smiling produces positivity! Smile all day for no reason but to smile. You will have a major positive impact on yourself and others around.

Make a Gratitude List. Think about the things that make you laugh or smile throughout your day.

Laugh at yourself. Laugh at yourself instead of having that critical self-bashing conversation.

Spend More Time with Children, Pets, and Positive People!

Watch a Funny Movie. Consider watching more movies that make you laugh instead of negative news. Or….Get a group together and check out the local comedy club in your community.What is your favorite funny movie?

How much laughter will you bring into your day today? Enjoy today no matter what!

Merry Christmas!
Peace and Gratitude,

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