Limiting Beliefs

Recently I was having lunch with a friend. Nearby was a large table filled with a group of women. Their voices were loud, making it difficult to not overhear their conversation. As each one spoke, here’s what I heard……
“I would love to start a new career but I’m too old to go back to school.”
“I’ve always wanted my own catering business but I’m afraid it won’t be a success.”
“I missed my calling years ago and it’s too late to think about it now.”

Throughout the day this conversation remained on my mind. It made me think about my own life decisions and dreams. The ones I have acted on, the ones I did not pursue, and the ones I still have.

As you say goodbye to the first month of 2020, what dreams and desires for your future are you still thinking about? Maybe you’re considering putting them back on the self for another year or re-evaluating in 6 months? Simply telling yourself, this is not the right time.

When is the right time? What’s really holding you back from achieving your dreams and desires today? Do you find yourself caught up in the following traps?

– Over thinking the what ifs?
– Procrastinating about taking the next steps needed
– Avoiding discussions about what you want
– Worry
– Do you listen to other people’s opinions and criticism or find yourself being self-critical using language like…. I’m not educated enough, not experienced enough, not deserving, not thin enough, too old. You get it, simply fill in your blank.

These are limiting beliefs! Beliefs that you believe to be true but often not realizing…. limit you from moving forward and reaching your desires, dreams and what could be!

How to move forward?

Consider these 5 steps
Be Aware of the limiting beliefs you have. Every time you doubt, criticize or feel stuck, fill in the blanks with your dream and the appropriate limiting thought.  “ I want to_______________________ but it doesn’t seem  possible because I am _________________.”

Ask Yourself if this is true?  Do you have real facts to back this up, or is this a belief that you have adopted some where along your way that is limiting you from achieving your dreams or desires?

What 3 action steps can you take this week to start moving toward this dream or desire?

Now consider, filling in this blank with your dream, as if you are already living this dream in present tense. I am ________________________.

Repeat this sentence often to yourself, especially when those negative limiting beliefs come back uninvited.

Your life is a journey and practicing the process will help you move forward and allow your dreams to become a reality. Don’t give up.  You are so close and you can do this.

I would love to walk along side of you! Let me know how you can be helped.

Your life matters today, tomorrow and always!

Embrace What You Have,

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