What Are You Becoming?

We Become What We Think

In his book, The Magic of Thinking Big,  author David Schwartz  writes, the evidence it out. You are what you think you are, what your thought power directs you to become.

If you think you are weak, that you lack, that you are less than, that you will lose…….than you are domed to living a mediocre life.
If you think you are strong, what you do is important, you have what it takes, you are enough, your life matters…… than you are headed to a life that thrives.

Which best describes your recent thought pattern of yourself?

Whether you are 16, 66, or 96, your life matters, you have value, and your life here on earth is not finished! No matter what age or what’s going on in your life, your thoughts really do have a big impact on your beliefs and the actions you will take that will determine your tomorrow.

Schwartz suggests that you remember to give yourself pep talks often. That you remind yourself daily of your good qualities and your strengths. Write down these findings and read them to yourself daily and when feelings of discouragement enter your mind.


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