3 Steps to Lasting Change

Want to make positive changes in your life this year? Would you like these changes to be lasting? Do you believe it’s possible?

Consider for a moment, a habit. A behavior or pattern that you repeat over and over and eventually becomes something you do without much thought; such as……. brushing your teeth, taking a shower, driving to work, feeding the dog, collecting the mail. Would you agree  these are behaviors you do requiring little or no thought?

What if you turned the changes you want to make this year into a habit? A behavior your future self will do with little or no struggle! What if I told you it’s simpler than you think?

In his new book, Tiny Habits, B.J. Fogg discusses  how to make lasting life changes using tiny habits. Fogg’s research shows that putting together small action steps, when done daily, will help you achieve bigger changes and goals. Schedule the new tiny action step to take place after a habit you are already doing and you increase your odds for success!

Here are some examples:
You want to stop late night snacking?  Decide to eat nothing after dinner, brush your teeth right after dinner, commit to not buying and bringing snacks into your home, drink a glass of water or a cup of relaxing herbal tea when you get the urge to eat, change your nightly routine slightly to create distractions or boredom.
You want to exercise for 30 minutes daily?  Choose times of the day when you can do 10 minutes at a time… such as before your morning shower, before you eat lunch, and after work. Another idea is to set an alarm for every hour. Take a break and do 5 minutes of exercise. Yet another idea…after every time you use the restroom, do a set of jumping jacks or your choice. Make it fun!

Here are the three steps to practice:
Step 1. Identify the specific change you want to make. Be as specific as possible!
Step 2. Now, come up with several small action steps to help you make the change.
Step 3. Finally, schedule the new daily action(s) to happen after you are already doing something that is a habit (like after dinner or brushing your teeth). This will serve as a reminder. Before you know it, it will become a habit.

If you need a visual….. fill in the blanks:   After I ____________________(existing habit), I will _______________________(new tiny behavior)!

The key is to practice daily, celebrate every time you complete an action step, and never, yes never, beat yourself up if you have an off day (more on that next week). It takes time to build habits! But you can do it!

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