When is the Best Time to Plant a Tree?


Recently I stumbled on to an old Chinese Proverb that caused me to stop and think. This proverb says there are two best times to plant a tree.  The first was 20 years ago.

Immediately, my default thinking went to a thread of thoughts that sounded like this……Wow, 20 years was a long time ago.  I guess I missed out.  It’s too late to plant a tree. It will take too long to grow so I can enjoy its beauty and shade.

This got me thinking about the choices I have made in life and the dreams and goals I have yet to accomplish.  It also made me think about how many times I have made excuses for not taking action in order to live the life I desire.  Excuses like…….

I’ll begin ______ next year

I’ll do______when the kids are grown

I’ll consider ______ when I have more money

I’ll think about ______when I retire

I’m too busy to _____

Does this sound familiar? Are you someone who can make a GRAND excuse for not taking steps forward to accomplish your dreams and goals?  What changes would you like to make? What dreams do you have? Have you given up because you feel it’s too late and you should have done ______ 20 years ago?

This brings me back to the Chinese Proverb.  The second-best time to plant a tree is TODAY!  Yep Today is the day!  There are 3 months left in 2019 and the time to make a change, fulfill that dream, and reach a goal starts today.

Coaching Tip:

  • Write down one, yes, just one goal you would like to accomplish by December 31st
  • Next, make a simple but specific plan including an action step you can take today
  • Finally, tell one or several supportive people in your life to help you stay accountable and be encouraged.

Will you remain where you are letting another 20 years pass by or will you plant your tree TODAY?     You can do this!

 Helping you discover yourself and create your best life,