Tammy Barnett

What Storm Are You Going Through Today?

Storm Season

Living in Florida is wonderful.  Our state’s nickname is the Sunshine State.  Sunshine and warm temperatures are the reality most every day of the year.  Beautiful sunrises and sunsets and beautiful beaches are everywhere!  And then there is the season  known as “Hurricane Season.”

Southwest Florida has been my home for over 20 years  and I always say, “The many benefits of living in Florida is worth going through Hurricane Season.”  This idea seems true until the threat of a huge storm comes knocking.

This last week Hurricane Dorian destroyed the Bahamas just south of us and threatened the east coast of Florida and battered all the states along the eastern seaboard. 

5 Benefits of Journaling

Journaling doesn’t have to be complicated. Look at it as simply reflecting upon the day, your thoughts, feelings and the situations going on in your life. It’s like having a healthy, helpful conversation with yourself. Over the years, this practice has brought me many benefits and I know you will benefit too!
Here’s what research reveals:

1. Journaling provides a natural stress relief, inviting a sense of peace in as you write, reflect, and let go of whatever is weighing you down.
2. Journaling allows you to have a voice and be heard. Write about your thoughts and feelings (say anything you want) without the fear or judgement of others.
3. Journaling allows you to clear your thoughts and release feelings of being overwhelmed.

Live The Life You Desire?

You can’t imagine how excited I was recently when one of my clients shared  she was living a happier and healthier life. I asked if I could share a bit of her story to encourage you.

So, here’s a glimpse……

Sally (name changed) is married to a business owner who works many hours with limited time to spend with family. Together they have 3 children. The oldest is in college. The middle child just graduated from high school and has no concrete  plans for the future and he is struggling with self destructive behaviors. The youngest child is in middle school and doing well. Along with her children, Sally also cares for her aging parents who want to live independently in their own home for as long as possible.

Want Happiness?

Often, I hear people say, “I just want to be happy” or “I need more meaning/purpose in my life.”  I’m so excited to share the following scientific findings about happiness from author and happiness researcher, Shawn Achor.

Shawn defines Happiness as: The joy you feel while you are moving toward your potential; even when life is difficult.

Scientific Findings:

Begin your day with just 3 minutes of negative news and it’s likely you will report having a negative day 6 to 7 hours later.

Happiness raises your daily productivity, triples your creativity, and increases your cognition/intellect.

30% of those practicing optimistic daily habits are more likely to live to be 94 years old.

It’s Not Too Late

Lately I have found myself in conversations that ask the question, “Isn’t it too late for me to improve my health”? Don’t believe the lie.  No matter how old you are and no matter what circumstance you are facing today, every small step you take at this very moment toward living a healthy lifestyle will make a positive difference in your life! Recently, I was inspired by a personal story from a friend. I hope you will find my friend’s story an inspiration for your own life!

 A Friend’s Story:

It was January and I was in a new neighborhood. During my morning dog walks I noticed an older man walking slowly down the road using a cane.