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Have a Tough Conversation Using 2 Simple Steps


Do you find yourself avoiding people and situations because you know there’s a conversation that needs to take place?  Would you rather do almost anything than face conflict? You are not alone.  Having an uncomfortable discussion with someone can seem like the hardest thing in the world….. but it doesn’t have to be!

The number 1 principle is making sure your conversation contains words and a tone that expresses both TRUTH and LOVE.

Why? Speaking the truth in love:

  • Allows the other party to experience your care and concern for the relationship
  • Creates a safe and non-defensive environment
  • Opens the door for you to comfortably express yourself


When is the Best Time to Plant a Tree?


Recently I stumbled on to an old Chinese Proverb that caused me to stop and think. This proverb says there are two best times to plant a tree.  The first was 20 years ago.

Immediately, my default thinking went to a thread of thoughts that sounded like this……Wow, 20 years was a long time ago.  I guess I missed out.  It’s too late to plant a tree. It will take too long to grow so I can enjoy its beauty and shade.

This got me thinking about the choices I have made in life and the dreams and goals I have yet to accomplish.  It also made me think about how many times I have made excuses for not taking action in order to live the life I desire. 

Live The Life You Desire?

You can’t imagine how excited I was recently when one of my clients shared  she was living a happier and healthier life. I asked if I could share a bit of her story to encourage you.

So, here’s a glimpse……

Sally (name changed) is married to a business owner who works many hours with limited time to spend with family. Together they have 3 children. The oldest is in college. The middle child just graduated from high school and has no concrete  plans for the future and he is struggling with self destructive behaviors. The youngest child is in middle school and doing well. Along with her children, Sally also cares for her aging parents who want to live independently in their own home for as long as possible.

Self-Care Is More Than A “Mani /Pedi “

If you would have asked me several years ago to define Self-Care, I would have thought back to the last time I had a manicure and pedicure.  Don’t Laugh, that was reality! Manicures and pedicures are great, but there is so much more to taking caring of ourselves.

Let’s face it… life is complicated.  The stress and energy needed to keep up with and care for family, home, and work can be overwhelming. On top of this, throw in the long term effects and  worry of the last two years or the poor choices a loved one continues to  make.

With all this, how can the focus be on Self-Care?

The reality is, if we do not take time to fill ourselves with needed care,

Why is Trust important?

The question of trust has been coming up alot lately in my conversations with clients and friends.

There are a lot of things that are important today, but my #1 priority in my business and for my clients and friends is trust.

Here’s why…

Trust is essential for relationships to grow and thrive

Trust helps break down walls and communication barriers

Trust allows safety to exist within a relationship

Trusting in our past experiences help us to see growth and provides motivation to keep going

Trusting in God’s continued good work in our life provides hope for today and the future

What are your thoughts on the value of trust?