Tammy Barnett

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Need More Energy?

Last week I met up with a few friends on a beautiful sunny day. We sat in a beautiful garden under a large shade tree sharing with each other the fun things that had been going on in our lives. It was so wonderful to be outside in the fresh Florida air admiring the beauty all around and catching up with friends! As I was driving home later that day, I became aware of how energized I felt.  The feeling of much positivity and gratitude within my soul made my “life energy tank” seem completely full.

What about You?

Ever have one of those energizing days?  Or experienced one of those moments when someone unexpectedly tells you how much they appreciate you or pays you a compliment that makes you feel 10 feet tall?

What Fills Your Soul?

“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings you joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life” – Jean Shinoda Bolen

I sat across the room in a straight back chair facing my doctor.  It had been one of those mornings.  I got off to a late start, was feeling exhausted from a night of restless sleep and my sweet Golden Retriever had died just a few days earlier. Sadness loomed over me.

When I arrived at my doctor’s office late, I was ushered in by the nurse who asked me to step on the scale. Perfect….I  was up several pounds from the previous year. 

Keep Moving Forward

I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead !           Philippians 3:13

I grew up in the Midwest but for the last 21 years my home has been on the gulf coast of Florida.  As I recall my life growing up, the Labor Day holiday was marked by public swimming pools closing, going back to school, putting away any clothing that was white and saying goodbye to summer!

My experience in Florida has been a little different. Swimming pools remain open all year long, school resumes in August before Labor Day, wearing white is totally acceptable anytime of the year, and our weather allows us to remain in summer always!

Just Breathe!

“Conscious breathing heightens awareness and deepens relaxation.” – Dan Brule

The other day I walked into a small local store to purchase my monthly vitamins and supplements.  Once the door closed behind me, I unconsciously let out a deep sigh.  A friendly employee appeared close by and asked, “what was that all about”?  Not understanding her question, I replied, “what do you mean”?  “That really deep sigh,” she said.  “Was a tiger chasing you outside or are you that stressed”?  Wow…. That was a wake up call!

When was the last time you were consciously aware of your sighs?  When was the last time you were consciously aware of your breathing? When was the last time you were consciously aware of just this very moment?

You Can Do This

7 Simple Tips for Today

May is Mental Health awareness month. Would you agree these last two months of the pandemic have challenged our overall mental health?  How is it with you? Do you believe it is possible to live a life that is thriving even in the circumstances we are living?

Consider these 7 simple steps each day…. beginning today😊

Be Kind to yourself. Acknowledge and grieve your losses and disappointments, your cancelled events, the days that are difficult or whatever you are feeling today.  Encourage and speak to yourself like you would a friend. No matter…. Talk to yourself out loud like you would a friend! Be aware of the self-conversations going on in your mind.