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Laughter……The Best Medicine

My “holiday to do” list going into last weekend was very long. In addition to this list, my almost 2-year-old grandson was coming for an overnight visit. Anyone who has been around a 2-year-old knows the constant attention needed, especially when a decorated Christmas tree is in the middle of the room!

Along with abounding energy, also comes an enormous amount of laughter! Alex literally laughs at almost everything! His constant giggles are contagious. During his visit,  all the stress and pressure of the things on my “to do list” suddenly became not so important as I was more relaxed and enjoying life in the very moment. Thank you, Alex, for sharing your wonderful gift of laughter!

As I considered how this laughter made me feel,

You Might Be Surprised

The Amazing Benefits of Regular Walking

That’s right, just regular walking!

The 90-degree temperatures have finally broken here  on the west coast of Florida.  For the last two mornings, my Golden Retriever, Sophie and I have thoroughly enjoyed our favorite exercise of taking daily walks. In fact, our normal walk routine has increased in time and distance because it has been so pleasant outside.

I have always enjoyed walking and know that it is good for my health,  but  I’ve never stopped to understand how beneficial it really is for me, for you, or my Golden Retriever. And……. I was really surprised at the research results!

Sean Foy, an exercise physiologist and behavioral coach recently investigated what the researchers from the American College of Sports Medicine,

What’s In Your Home

What do Allergies, Asthma, ADHA, Hormone Disruption, Mental Health Issues, Leaky Gut, and Cancer all have in common.  If you guessed they are all medical conditions, you are right. But wait there’s more to it. Today, I want to talk about the commonality of this list as it pertains to improving your health and lowing your risks for future illness.

For decades our society has embraced living a healthy lifestyle. The exciting news is that never before has there been this much medical research and available resources to  you and me to take charge of our health. We have choices…. and some really good ones!

I have always been conscientious of living a life which promotes health and wellness.

When is the Best Time to Plant a Tree?


Recently I stumbled on to an old Chinese Proverb that caused me to stop and think. This proverb says there are two best times to plant a tree.  The first was 20 years ago.

Immediately, my default thinking went to a thread of thoughts that sounded like this……Wow, 20 years was a long time ago.  I guess I missed out.  It’s too late to plant a tree. It will take too long to grow so I can enjoy its beauty and shade.

This got me thinking about the choices I have made in life and the dreams and goals I have yet to accomplish.  It also made me think about how many times I have made excuses for not taking action in order to live the life I desire. 

Live The Life You Desire?

You can’t imagine how excited I was recently when one of my clients shared  she was living a happier and healthier life. I asked if I could share a bit of her story to encourage you.

So, here’s a glimpse……

Sally (name changed) is married to a business owner who works many hours with limited time to spend with family. Together they have 3 children. The oldest is in college. The middle child just graduated from high school and has no concrete  plans for the future and he is struggling with self destructive behaviors. The youngest child is in middle school and doing well. Along with her children, Sally also cares for her aging parents who want to live independently in their own home for as long as possible.